About Scarcity and Abundance

At The UnConference on PURPOSE, Dr Christian Bush asked an interesting question to the panel.

It was about the impact of the “suffering, pain and discomfort” concept versus the mindfulness practices that are blooming globally throughout all generations. He mentioned that a lot of great art was created by artists who suffered to create their masterpiece(s).

What happens to art and creativity when mindfulness eliminates “suffering, pain and discomfort”, putting us in a continuously happy and peaceful state of mind?

I’ve been struggling with that question for a while, so here’s my answer.

Fear is created by our own mind and ego

The purpose of meditation and mindfulness is to stop our mind and ego from interfering too much with our day-to-day activities, it’s considered as useless clutter. Many personal transformation leaders use different methods to get rid of our “mind clutter”. Check out these 10 Ways To Declutter Your Mind For Clarity, Focus, Peace, and Balance for a starter.

Fear is the default way to control people and societies, so we’ve been systemically kept in fear for centuries. Fear is all around us, especially in media and social media. The Fear of Missing Out (FOMO), fear of failure, fear of physical pain, fear of not being good enough, fear of losing our jobs and ending up without money and so on…

We are not used to living and creating a system of freedom and abundance in society, hence the conflict with this question. Thought is fear’s origin (Krishnamurti) and fear is just a thought. Our thought addiction that originated from fear is the biggest virus of our times, one that is slowly crippling our true human potential. 

We need to be able to face our fears – even death – and start trans-generational and universal healing. We need to be brave, stop carrying old pains, sorrows and fears. We need to move from a society of control to one of trust first by healing ourselves.

Imagine a world without fear, discomfort or resistance

Think about what that could look like and how we could endlessly co-create beautiful things together. The thing is, it’s hard to imagine what that world can look like because we have never tried. We know about previous vibrant and prosperous societies from history, like the Ancient Greeks, The Renaissance, or the decades after WWII. They were incredible periods of growth and creativity, elevating the well-being of the global population. 

However, the last two decades have shown us the downsides of our current economic system. The inequality, planet and air pollution, consumer addictions, health deterioration and political polarization. All prosperous periods in history somehow end up in decline. Maybe it’s human nature to get lazy or to take things for granted.

The pervasive fear when we live in peace and harmony is that there will be a ‘stronger’ presence invading your country, as we have repeatedly witnessed throughout history. This fear is built into our artificial intelligence systems and how we design for a technologically ‘controlled’ future. But now we are globally connected, we need to move beyond such fear and avoid planting the seeds of this fear into our systems and our children’s heads.

People think meditation is for softies but it makes us stronger and self-aware: filtering out old beliefs, assumptions, addictions and trauma along the healing journey. It allows us to change the things we don’t like in our lives. In order to break out of our patterns of denial and avoidance we need to access a deeper level of self than mental analysis or willpower. 

Old wisdom and fear-based business models 

The white men invaded North America, South America and killed most of the Native Americans, devastating their wisdom, culture and history. Now, the Native Americans’ thousands of years of knowledge and wisdom of the natural world is travelling around the globe, inspiring a new generation to learn from that wisdom, to worship nature and the creations of Mother Earth.

That same wisdom of plants and medicines brings a new type of consciousness to the world, a consciousness that actually keeps the planet safe in the long term. We need it. The natural world is telling us how to face our own deepest fears and shadows, giving us the strength to move beyond that. 

Looking at it from a business perspective, we see that most business models are based on fear. “I have” vs “you don’t have”. “I know” versus “you don’t know”. And a lot of people are suffering because they don’t have what you have or they don’t know what you know. 

What makes one person better than the other? This systemic thought model is doomed, as it leads to more destruction of our planet, more inequality of wealth and ownership.

It’s the scarcity model versus abundance

But what if we can have and know together? What if we can dream together and make those dreams come true? What if we can co-create together? What if we can unlearn and relearn all together and collaborate, creating new worlds together? 

This is the beginning of a new era. After all, we are soon to be 7 billion people on this planet. We need to find smarter and different ways to create prosperous and harmonious futures for our families and children.

The building of this new world has already begun. It’s everywhere we connect with people and communities locally, globally refusing to sustain the “old world” any longer. We see it in our new cultures of regeneration, community building, growing local food and using decentralised technology for the benefit of all humanity, not just a lucky few.

We can all start planting positive seeds in thoughts and in nature, to co-create together with fellow humans.

We can create something limitless and effortless, we just need to be connected to our values and let good intentions drive our actions. When we manifest new ideas for the new world, we can create a different future than the one envisioned by the technology companies who have been defining our future for too long.

I am starting by creating my own Garden of Eden with my beloved ones, family and friends from all over the world, creating new connections, new insights and new magic, every day.

Are you joining?

If you resonate with my musings, sign up to my weekly Online Men’s Circle, a trusted space to support men in their growth, where men of all ages and stages can share their stories and feelings.


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