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Conscious Learning Tribe is a continuous learning platform, bringing together a community of leaders & game-changers. By sharing experiences on how to choose a healthy life & work, free from destructive assumptions and addictions, we strive to accelerate the transition to more conscious, sustainable, inclusive, meaningful & holistic futures.

We aim to help businesses and game-changers to impact the well-being of their teams, partners, customers, communities and future generations, through the creation of a new vision, lab, or movement. Alongside societal prosperity, we consider global & local issues, environmental, governmental and cultural change.

We integrate new transformational methods and accelerate human innovation through holistic methodologies and bridging disciplines including art, design, music and sound, technology, business, science, philosophy and spirituality. We bring together different age, culture, expertise, orientation & lifestyle groups.


To create a better planet by offering cutting edge experiences and insights to emerging or current leaders, unifying us all in a global tribe. Our collective quest for beauty involves sharing our transformational life experiences, how to use technology for good, respect people and our planet, and leave our old thought systems behind to transform ourselves.

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Canay Atalay
Rudy de Waele CLT 2020
Rudy de Waele
Yuri van geest
Yuri van Geest
Author, Speaker, Firestarter, Co-Founder Conscious Learning Tribe, DJ
Michael Lane CLT photo
Michael Lane


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