Activism in the Absence of Trust. Why wait?

Exploring individual activism and how a lack of trust compels us to become conscious self-authoring individuals to change our world.
On March 2, 2020, I participated to the PASS THE MIC podcast. In this intimate group setting, Dr. Steve Marshall explored the idea of individual activism and led an interesting discussion on how a lack of trust is compelling us to become conscious self-authoring individuals in our own lives to change our world. 
Present in the podcast:

Nell Derick Debevoise – founder & ceo, inspiring capital
Rudy de Waele – keynote speaker, conscious futurist, personal transformation coach, mentor, author
Richard D. Bartlett – co-founder of loomio and the hum. author of patterns for decentralised organising

Each episode begins with one expert – an open-minded and passionate individual who has spent a great deal of time investigating and researching a certain topic. During the hour, a small group of 4 to 6 people explores complex and difficult concepts with curiosity, uncertain beliefs and the willingness to objectively listen and learn from the shared insights of others.

The tenth episode discusses the topic of Activism with an attempt to answer the following question: Is it possible for one person to make a difference in the world?

Here’s a short recap of the highlights of the conversations by Virginie Glaenzer – you can read the full summary here.

Lack of Trust in Ourselves

Trust is one of the few elemental forces that holds our world together; it’s the glue for our society. Trust in leaders cements relationships by allowing people to live and work together, feel safe, and belong to a group.

Accelerated by technology, Steve points out that our notion of expertise, and therefore hierarchical power, is falling away and isn’t really helping us anymore. This might be the reason why we are all struggling with our lack of trust as we witness the collapse of our old systems.

Listen to Rudy De Waele explain how losing trust in ourselves has generated an entire society and economy based on addictions.



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