Expedition Within with Barney Swan

Barney Swan is the first person to journey to the South Pole, powered solely by clean energy. He is also the founder of Climate Force, a global initiative to make sustainable development solutions accessible, relevant and engaging.

It runs in the family. Robert Swan – Barney’s father – was the first person in history to walk to both the North and South Pole. Together they planned an extraordinary trip together, even by their own family’s standards: a two-month expeditions through the most inhospitable conditions on Earth, powered solely by clean energy, called SPEC: South Pole Energy Challenge.

The purpose of SPEC was to prove to themselves, and to all of us, what we can achieve if we set our minds and hearts to it. If they could survive only with clean energy in the south pole, we could all make a change and opt into more sustainable options in our daily lives.

Are you ready to get inspired to make a change? If yes, dive in our exclusive interview with Barney Swan below.

Barney Swan


Barney is an honest, humble and courageous young man who walks the talk; he transformed himself with compassion, with love for life and love of service to the planet. In this interview he invites us to journey within and look for more inside, instead of trying to fill unmet desires with more consumption of things we do not need, things that the planet can no longer afford.

We talked about finding peace and courage in darkest times, let it be in the wild climate and deafening silence of South Pole, let it be on our mobile phones and with each other. We navigated ways of transformation, from being triggered as a force of survival to endorsing learning & exploration as a culture. What is our role as individuals or leaders of big companies? How can we make big changes by being conscious about everyday actions and through collaboration?

PlayDate with Canay: Barney Swan /Conscious Learning Tribe from Conscious Learning Tribe on Vimeo.

Topics Covered:

  1. (00.00) Gratitude & Self Sustainability during hard times
  2. (04.33) Attention Economy
  3. (09.21) Role Modeling & Cultural Differences
  4. (17.20) From Competition to Collaboration
  5. (19.29) Principles of Leading The Way Forward
  6. (26.26) Overcoming Mental Addictions
  7. (33.00) Making Peace with Imperfections & Hardships
  8. (47.33) Innovation-From Whale Slaughtering to Fossil Fuels
  9. (53.56) Conscious Business Leadership
  10. (01.06.01) Barney has a challenge for you!


Barney will join other inspiring panelists LIVE this Sunday at The UnConference.com, on the topic of “How to design new conscious business models?” Register here for free: theunconference.com

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