• Hannah Simmons
    Hannah Simmons
    Founder of Climate Smart Group Brazil

    Developing Nature Based Solutions on farms in Brazil. Using technology to monitor, report and verify GHG emissions reductions projects at the farm-level. Passionate about agroforestry systems, integrating communities and protecting trees!

    – Holds a Bachelor of Science from McGill University with a major in environmental economics.
    – Deep understanding of Brazil’s commodity (beef & soy) supply chain and it’s effects on deforestation
    – Experience in developing programs and solutions for commodity-driven deforestation
    – 8 years of experience working in carbon markets, with an in-depth understanding of jurisdictional carbon programs linked with deforestation-free supply chains.
    – Outstanding communication skills, results-based team player that is driven and equipped with creative problem solving abilities.
    – Five years experience working in Brazil with an in-depth understanding of the national REDD+ strategy, NDC, as well as sub-national REDD+ strategies

    • Contributed to the development of carbon capture and storage, energy efficiency, renewable energy and waste management offset quantification projects.
    • Participated in the development of offset quantification protocols for the Alberta carbon market, the American Carbon Registry (ACR) and the Voluntary Carbon Standard (VCS).
    • Life cycle analyses of biofuels and bioenergy assets using Biograce and GREET models for the ISCC, the EPA’s RFS2, and California LCFS pathway development.
    • Outstanding communication skills, results-based team player with creative problem solving abilities as well as technical capacities.
    • Experience in writing detailed proposals and reports and managing complex, multifaceted projects on time and within budget.

  • Itai Palti
    Itai Palti
    Architect, Researcher, Writer, Speaker on Science-Informed, Human-Centred Design. Founder of Conscious Cities movement

    Itai is a practicing architect and researcher focusing on designing with the human experience in mind. He is Director of Hume, a science-informed architecture and urban design practice backed by research at its Human Metrics Lab.

    In 2015, Itai founded the Conscious Cities movement; a new field of research and practice for building people-centred environments that are aware and responsive using data analysis, AI, tech, and science-informed design.

    Itai is the Director of The Centre for Conscious Design, a think tank focused on using design to address urban challenges facing society today and in the future. The centre publishes open-access research and organises human-centred and science-informed design events worldwide.

    A fellow at The Centre for Urban Design and Mental Health, and at the Urban Design Forum, Itai also carries out thought leadership roles in bodies such as Harvard and Brookings Institution and is on the Advisory Council of the Academy of Neuroscience for Architecture.

    An alumnus of The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, Itai has worked alongside the late visionary architect Jan Kaplicky at Future System on projects such as the Ferrari Museum in Modena.

    His design work and writing has been featured internationally and he is a regular speaker at events focused on human-centred design.

  • Laurence AINOUZ
    Laurence AINOUZ
    Founder & CEO of Health:Augmented and founder of Hatzalah Volunteer Ambulance Corps

    Laurence is currently the Novartis VP Global Head of the Digital Acceleration Lab whose purpose is to generate innovative digital solutions to profoundly transform the patient’s journey and experience, and to maximize treatments’ outcomes.

    Previously, she was SVP Chief Innovation Officer of Teva, the world’s largest provider of generic medicines, responsible for introducing all aspects of Digital Health to the organization, from new technologies to new business models.

    Besides her Pharma work, Laurence sits on the board of the non-profit United Hatzalah, a unique global organization that has disrupted the way Emergency Medical Services are provided. In 2015, +3000 geolocalized volunteers on their “ambucycles” (2 wheels ambulances) brought critical medical care to more than 250,000 people, over 40,000 of whom were in life-or-death situations. The organization is now deploying in the USA, in Panama, Ukraine, France (Laurence is the President of the French Entity).
    Laurence also sits on the board of TOM, a global network of makers deeply impacting the lives of hundreds of disabled people with makethons where the “Need Knowers” and the “Makers” develop solutions together. TOM is supported by Google, and has run in Israel, Brazil, Vietnam, Canada, and California.

    Fascinated by all innovative form of artistic expression, she is also involved in Batsheva, the most advanced contemporary dance company considered by many the most cutting edge dance expression in the world.

  • Louki
    Percussionist, Rhythmic Performer and Workshop Facilitator

    Louki is a percussionist, rhythmic performer and workshop facilitator. Graduated in professional musicianship & Post-graduated in Music Teaching at the British and Irish Institute of Modern Music (BIMM), he has performed and taught in a wide range of collaborative projects for the last ten years. What started in the drumming circles of Ibiza, has taken his musical journey from the UK to Brazil, partaking in multiple projects from jazz and live electronic trios to 25 pieces samba and live drum&bass ensambles, performing in renowned festivals and nightclubs such as Glastonbury (UK) or Amnesia (Ibiza). He has now been involved in the body music community for over five years, with the goal to take his creative approach to a more sustainable and healthy scene. Having learnt from world leading performers he is now facilitating workshops in events, retreats and institutions all around Europe.

  • Mark Aink
    Mark Aink
    Brandactivist, part of NATIVE circles, COMMON, B Corp, Decade of Action, Creatives for Climate and nature

    Mark is the Founder of Native Circles, Lead Creative Insurgent for COMMON in Europe and the COMMON Foundation’s European Liaison. He also serves as an Advisory Board Member for B-Lab Europe.

    Based in Amsterdam, Mark is a highly sought-after marketer and advertiser, who worked with Apple, Nike, and dozens of other global iconic brands before dedicating his talent to conscious brands such as Interface, Ecover, and Ben & Jerry’s. He began his career in the early 1990s at Saatchi and Saatchi. He is a passionate Climate Leader for Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project, among other cool things. His Twitter bio reads: father, son, brother, husband, lover, singer, dreamer, doer, but most of all Mark.

    And, he’s on a mission to change the nature of capitalism. As a brand activist, he focuses on conscious branding, creative strategies, innovation, leadership, and sustainability. He believes that nothing good can happen without a little soul searching, soul sharing, working with nature, designing for a resilient planet, and developing ideas that move people, brands, and markets toward a sustainable future.

  • Özgur ATANUR
    Özgur ATANUR
    Musician, media professional, drummer

    Chasing the feeling of collective rhythm and belief that universe speaks through frequencies. Head of publishing at Turkuaz Media, co-founder of Momentum-ID PR & communication consultancy.

  • Rita Maria
    Rita Maria
    Singer, body music expert

    Singer, improviser, music educator, body music expert, voice composer

  • Semi Hakim
    Semi Hakim
    Co-founder of Kok Project

    Semi Hakim graduated from tourism management and continued to his career as a chef after receiving his professional culinary training in Istanbul. During his time as a chef, he conducted research projects on cuisine and culture, worked within gastro-diplomacy projects, coordinated food events, and led projects focused empowering small-scale food producers in Turkey.

    In 2015, with his business partner Shirley Kaston, Semi Hakim co-founded the Kök Projekt and started working on the development of entrepreneurship programs on the agri-food sector. Kök Projekt is an accelerator and a corporate innovation partner that works together with companies, NGO’s and governmental organizations on developing digital and physical platforms to empower food entrepreneurs while supporting the digitalization of agri-food sectors, across emerging markets.

  • Vivien Vilela
    Vivien Vilela
    Co-founder of Aniwa.co and The Boa Foundation

    Vivien Vilela is a healer and a philanthropist. Born and raised in Brazil, Vivien dedicates her life to her spiritual studies and to the preservation of indigenous culture and wisdom. Vivien has been initiated in the ancient healing traditions by some of the most respected indigenous elders from South, Central, and North America. She has taken a sacred oath and commitment in the Wixarixa tradition to serve her life as a “Marakame”, one that can heal, sing, and dream. Vivien is currently a student of world-renowned Ashaninka leader Benki Piyãko and an advisor of his reforestation and healing institute Yorenka Tasorentsi. She has spent extensive amounts of time training in indigenous villages in the Amazon.
    Vivien is the co-founder of Aniwa, a movement that builds community through a yearly gathering, on going retreats and a digital platform dedicated to amplifying the voices of the world’s most respected indigenous leaders and elders, bringing life-changing teachings and experiences promoting cultural exchange and reciprocity and of The Boa Foundation, a nonprofit organization that works in alliance with indigenous communities to preserve and protect sacred land, culture and ancient wisdom.

  • Zuza Gonçalves
    Zuza Gonçalves
    Co-creator of the Música do Circulo project and the Circle Music Retreat Brazil and founder of Sampa Circlesongs

    Zuza Gonçalves is the co-creator of the Música do Circulo project and the Circle Music Retreat Brazil and founder of Sampa Circlesongs. He is a musician and artist educator; for more than 15 years he has explored alternative ways of doing collective music. He is an educator at the Sesc Vila Mariana Music Center and part of the faculty of Bobby McFerrin’s Circlesongs Workshop at the Omega Institute in New York.

Local Time

  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Aug 02 2020
  • Time: 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM


Aug 02 2020


5:00 PM - 7:00 PM

The UnConference August Program


Join an extraordinary ride in August with the Conscious Learning Tribe, together with amazing people from all around the world.

All of The UnConference ticket donations in August will go to the Boa Foundation. The Boa Foundation works in alliance with indigenous communities to preserve and protect sacred land, culture and ancient wisdom. The organization supports projects including strategic land buybacks, restoration of native ecosystems, cultural exchange and sustainable living solutions.

Click the JOIN NOW buttons to make your donation and reserve your seat. You will receive a zoom link close to the event and a link to watch the replay of the online conference in case you cannot attend the live events.

August 2020 Program

The UnConference Collaboration II/ Case Studies
Tuesday 11.08.2020 (8-10 pm CET)
  • Laurence Ainouz: Founder & CEO of Health:Augmented and founder of Hatzalah Volunteer Ambulance Corps
  • Itai Palti:  Founder of Conscious City Movement Itai Palti (https://theccd.org/)
  • Hannah Simmons: Founder of Climate Smart Group Brazil
  • Semi Hakim: Co-founder of Kok Project (https://kokprojekt.com/who-are-we/)



Socratic Dialogue
Monday 31st August (8-10 pm CET)
facilitated by Canay Atalay

What is “Collaboration” really?

Beyond your company manifesto, beyond community dialogues, beyond the parenting methods that you use with your children…

Think of the deepest, most profound meaning of “Collaboration”.

“Understanding of the self only arises in relationship, in watching yourself in relationship to people, ideas, and things; to trees, the earth, and the world around you and within you. Relationship is the mirror in which the self is revealed. Without self-knowledge, there is no basis for right thought and action.” – Jiddu Krishnamurti 

Let’s go beyond our limited knowledge and tap into our collective wisdom. Because we as a species have never before been more ready and invited stronger to “collaborate”. Let’s go beyond mental models to embrace collaboration of all forms.

We invite 6 people to participate in a Socratic Dialogue with the Conscious Learning Tribe founders and special guest participants. All proceeds will be used to invest in our mission: birthing an intention-led business and life for everyone.



The UnConference Collaboration I/ Inspiration
Sunday 2nd August
    • Vivien Vilela: Co-founder of Aniwa.co & The Boa Foundation
    • Mark Aink: Brand Activist, Part of of NATIVE circles, COMMON, B Corp, Decade of Action, Creatives for Climate and nature
    • Body Circle with Zuza Goncalves, Rita Maria, Louki & Ozgur Atanur.



Check out our weekly non-conformist Spotify mixtape, curated by OpenLab.fm for our tribe, based on our weekly topic. Expect some imaginative energising sounds this week, with amazing visual art.

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