• Ebyän Chimba
    Ebyän Chimba
    Multi-disciplinary artist and student & teacher of Mysticism

    Ebyän Chimba is a student and teacher of Mysticism as well as a multidisciplinary artist. She abides by the scripture written in rock, and wood, and water, and in our hearts. She has studied several branches of yoga and shamanism, but mostly now draws wisdom from her pre-islamic East African roots and messages gifted through dreams and plant medicine work. Her intention is to reflect the Beauty of each person whose eyes she meets and whisper silently that magic exists.

  • Lisanne buik
    Lisanne buik
    Multi-disciplinary artist and futures designer shown a.o. in Van Gogh Museum in 2019

    Lisanne is a multi-disciplinary artist, futures designer, tech ethics consultant and speaker using different media to materialise a future of planetary wellbeing. She makes science-fiction films, interactive installations, multi-sensory experiences, future products and embodiment methods that inspire and provoke people and organisations to operate and design in tune with the natural laws.

  • Manish Jain
    Manish Jain
    Co-founder of the Swaraj University, leading planetary voice for de-schooling our lives

    Manish Jain is deeply committed to regenerating our diverse local knowledge systems, cultural imaginations and inter-cultural dialogues. He is one of the leading planetary voices for deschooling our lives.  He has served for the past 22 years as Chief Beaver of Shikshantar: The Peoples’ Institute for Rethinking Education and Development based in Udaipur, India and is co-founder of some of the most innovative educational experiments based on self-designed learning in the world – the Swaraj University, the Jail University, Complexity University, the Creativity Adda, the Learning Societies Unconference, the Walkouts-Walkon network, Udaipur as a Learning City, the Families Learning Together network in India, Berkana Exchange.  He recently co-launched the global Ecoversities Alliance with 150+ members in 40 countries. He is a senior advisor to the Economics of Happiness network for localisation. He has worked as a facilitator with Social Labs, Art of Hosting and World Cafe. Manish has been invited to give inspiring public keynote speeches on Reimagining Education in many countries such as USA, England, Portugal, Brazil, Mexico, India. He has edited several books on Vimukt Shiksha (liberating learning) on themes such as hacking education, learning societies, unlearning, gift culture, community media, and tools for deep dialogue. Prior to this, Manish worked as one of the principal team members of the UNESCO Learning Without Frontiers global initiative in Paris Headquarters. He has also been a consultant to UNICEF, World Bank, USAID in Africa, South Asia and former Soviet Union. Manish worked as an investment banker with Morgan Stanley. He has been trying to unlearn his Master’s degree in Education from Harvard University and a B.A. in Economics, International Development and Political Philosophy from Brown University. He and his wife Vidhi have been unschooling themselves with their 18 year old daughter, Kanku, in Udaipur, Rajasthan. Manish is passionate about masti yoga, urban organic farming, filmmaking, simulation gaming, bicycling, trekking, clowning and slow food cooking.

  • Sujith Ravindran
    Sujith Ravindran
    Bestselling Author │ Storyteller │ Facilitator, Male Initiations │ Co-founder, BEING at Full Potential

    “Doing from a Place of True Being”

    Support individuals exemplify social change through personal mastery/transformation…”Be the change you want to see”.

    Coaching business leaders, political leaders and entrepreneurs with passion and potential for massive social change.

    Coaching individuals and groups towards personal mastery/transformation; offering seminars and retreats across 4 continents.

    Bestselling serial author in the field of “Personal Growth”.

    Serial entrepreneur with start-ups in the area of medical solutions, fitness and health, e-commerce, service brokerage and personal development.

    Almost a decade of diverse corporate experience in various managerial and leadership roles across 4 continents.

    Greatest Strength: Been through a profound personal transformation that included departure from a corporate career in favor of highest calling.

    Scholar in the ancient Indian spiritual sciences.

    Deep interest & background in Developmental Psychology.

    As a coach and elder, supports young adults – especially socially marginalized youth – believe in themselves and live their fullest potential.

Local Time

  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Jun 04 2020
  • Time: 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM


Jun 04 2020


8:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Imagination II #BlackLivesMatter

We had planned the UnConference this week to be our session on the topic of Imagination. But we can’t ignore the events happening in the United States. As we seek to process the tragic deaths of George Floyd and countless others, we want to let our members know that we stand with you in solidarity as you experience the heaviness of this centuries-old problem and look for ways to create change.

So this Thursday June 4th (8-10pm CET), The UnConference will be dedicated to #BlackLivesMatter. An honest, challenging conversation about race so we can learn from each other to be better.

We will deep dive into what we can do personally, as a community, as organizations and globally to UNLEARN, consciously and unconsciously, what we no longer want for our generation and future generations, EMPATHIZE with those who are suffering and CREATE a new way of being, individually and collectively, with love and consciousness.

Questioner: How should we treat others? Ramana Maharshi: There are no others.

For this event, our special guests are:

– Sujith Ravindran (founder of the BEING abundance movement, author, Indian mystic for 40 years, co-founder Being At Full Potential)

– Lisanne Buik (multi-disciplinary artist and futures designer shown a.o. in Van Gogh Museum in 2019)

Ebyän Chimba (multi-disciplinary artist  and student & teacher of Mysticism)

Manish Jain (co-founder of the Swaraj University, leading planetary voice for de-schooling our lives)

We hope to see you there!

“I believe in the transience of nature. I believe that beyond the individual entities of each living being, there is a unity that defines all of us collectively” – Sujith Ravindran

“I wholeheartedly believe that the uncertainty, disgrace and polarity of our current day provides an opportunity to find grace in ourselves and reconnect to nature. To rise up to protect a future that serves all (of life) by prototyping new operating systems for society and self that emulate the laws of nature” – Lisanne Buik.

The event is hosted by Conscious Learning Tribe founders Canay Atalay, Rudy de Waele, Yuri van Geest, and by Primavera Salva & Michael Lane

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