How woke are you?

Four Stages of Spiritual Growth & Unfoldment: a simple and practical approach to understanding how "conscious" you are.

We all are experiencing a significant event that rocked our core; how we live, how we work and how we interact. Everyone is going through this process different, but one thing for sure; all of our life’s foundations have been challenged and the illusions shattered. We understood we have been living on autopilot, taking services like schools, service jobs, and our freedom to even gatherings for granted, like we have been taking nature for granted for decades.

We are facing planetary existential crises for humanity. Most of us are busy with being consumed by junk information and overwhelming fear, and some of us are taking the time to reflect, and hear the calling of a new world. We are waking up, fast, because the time is up! 

Welcome to Age of Consciousness!

Since you are here and reading this post, the word “consciousness” is already a huge concept in your life. Being conscious is what we seek, in our thoughts, words, interactions and manifestations. We all are looking to solve the big mystery of life and get to understand who we are and why we are here. We all want to make sense of our lives, our work and our services. There are thousands of books and hundreds of movies about consciousness, from psychology to neuroscience, from biology to astrophysics, from ancient religions to philosophy, from economies to marketing, consciousness is the topic of this century.

Despite the amount of content created and curated around this topic, the main problem of consciousness to be researched about, to be perceived and to be applied in life is that it is too abstract. And like all abstract topics, everyone has their own interpretation of it. 

I want to share a simple and practical approach to understanding what stage of consciousness you are at, or how woke you are. I encountered Michael Beckwith in a Mindvalley interview, and what he was saying was a curation of many other teachings I have read, watched and applied. But what struck me and triggered me to share it is that it is applicable. I am a fan of making practical steps out of big ideas, it’s one of the reasons I co-founded Conscious Learning Tribe.

So dear fellow learners, here are the Four Stages of Spiritual Growth & Unfoldment, defined by Michael Beckwith, characterized and steamed with shameless name dropping by me.

  1. Victim Consciousness: Life is happening TO ME. Blame

Their favourite sentences: “Why is this happening to me?” “It is their fault.” “I have/had no choice.” “My parents/the government/the virus/the weather/mercury retrograde/my children/other people are the reason why I am like this/ have to do this.”

Understanding and reflecting on causality is not the same thing as blame. Blame is when you feel or declare that someone or something is responsible for a fault or wrong, and you feel you are in a helpless situation in the face of misfortune or ill-treatment. The worst part of blaming and victim consciousness is that you give away your power, and you will keep on feeling weak. Resilience is especially essential to thrive in the unpredictable future so stop wasting your energy on fighting with reality (which you always lose) and blaming outsiders.

But how? I suggest…

I-Detox. Avoid mass media, people who constantly blame others and therefore social media. Media in general has a business model based on advertising which works only by creating traffic. People who are easily influenced are the ones who are scared, so most media communication is based on stories of victims and victors. Media likes to give you plenty of reasons to complain by showing what is wrong. Since I started avoiding mainstream news and opting out when conversations go to victim consciousness, my quality of life has improved. I suggest you do the same. 

II-Look inside, not outside. You won’t be able to isolate yourself from everything and everyone who has the chance of triggering you even if you are under quarantine alone. There is what’s app and social media messages, and you have hundreds of people virtually in your mind. Plus, being triggered is a part ofthe deal, how can we learn if we don’t get out of our comfort zone? You will get triggered. But each time you are triggered, instead of asking “Why me?” and falling back to victim consciousness, ask yourself: “When was the last time I experienced this?” You will find that this is not the first time you feel like this. Once you go back to the previous memory (or felt perception), ask yourself the same question: “When was the last time I felt like this?” Ask until you can witness and feel the hurt of the inner child.

Do not rationalise this process. You don’t have to remember anything or understand why. Most of our childhood trauma is stuck in the felt body, not the rational mind. This time, instead of blaming him/her or feeling guilty of his/her situation, be there with your inner child, with patience and without judgement. Observe how your feelings transform without any expectation and bless the person/event that triggered your journey within. Michael Brown defines this as “Integration of Delayed Responses to Childhood Traumas, NOW” in his book “Presence Process”.

III-Play With It. Recently, Rudy and I started betting on it: whoever complains first, prepares the dinner. Make it a game with your family, your colleagues, your friends. You will be surprised how frequently we blame or complain, usually in disguise. 

  1. Manifestor Consciousness: Life is happening BY ME. Willingness.

Their favourite sentences: “I worked a lot to make this happen.” “No pain no gain.”

This is the masculine energy that we see across the business world. This is the state where we assume everything all depends on our choices, taking the chance and being ready for it. This can be empowering or overwhelming. 

We are constantly manifesting at all times, even at lower levels of consciousness. Regular manifestation is just focused on getting: true manifestation is mature wanting, it occurs when there is a shift at the soul level. The things you want, they become an expression of your soul. You don’t want things for the sake of having them, but you are driven by the desire to be more yourself, a better version of yourself.

With true manifestation, happiness comes from your intrinsic nature being set free.

The nuance here is whether you feel alone (self sacrificing hero) and you have to work a lot. Because (spoiler alert), there is a much more joyful state next.

  1. Channeler Consciousness: Life is happening THROUGH ME. Letting go.

They are the ones who learn to yield and surrender to a life that is emerging through them. People at third stage, Channel, when they surrender their will to a higher intelligence that functions “through them.” 

This is feminine energy, it is effortless flow and trust to life. It is a powerful surrender, not submissive or giving up but instead stopping the internal battles, waking up from the illusions of seperations. This is the stage where oneness is not only mentally but also energetically felt, and the unlimited abundance, energy and creativity is allowed through non-resistance existence.

All consciousness transformation is about releasing or eliminating rather than obtaining something, because we’re already “It” spiritually. This is the process of releasing inhibitions, limitations, false concepts and all the other baggage that prevents our greater yet-to-be self from expressing.  Getting the right direction from professionals on, can also guide you in the right path to spirituality. 

Their favourite quote: “Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose.” -Yoda 

  1. Being Consciousness: Life is happening AS ME. Allowing to be(come)

Stage four—Being Consciousness—manifests as enlightened living.

People at this stage are totally aware of their connection to all life and able to create life as them. This is a stage of non-attachment which is playing fully without attachment to the outcome.

Their favourite sentences are not sentences at all: Silence. Laughter. Awe.

I had numerous experiences during meditation, ceremonial and nature experiences, where I was in this state of oneness. They didn’t last long but it was enough to fill ten lifetimes. The longest and deepest one was when I gave birth to my first daughter Mey, I re-knew the magnificence life, and I didn’t have words for it. A joy without sound, a smell without a definition, all the experiences that are familiar and new without the experiencer… Total freedom, and perfection. 

It doesn’t make sense to explain what can be felt in detail for this stage because when you are here, YOU KNOW. Because WE ALL ARE BORN KNOWING.

No suggestion, just a thank you for shining on us dear enlightened beings! 

The big question

How woke are you? What stage do you think you are at?

1, 2, 3 or 4?

According to Ken Wilber, who is often referred to as the “Einstein of consciousness studies”, people have a tendency to see themselves one level better than where they actually are. So if you think you are at level three, consider yourself level two, and if you see yourself at level one, uhmmmm… please start meditating.

Note that you might be at stage three in one area of your life but in another, you can be caught at stage one. Or there might be times you can go back to stage one and by paying attention, you can level up to stage two. You really need to be WOKE and COMPASSIONATE to yourself to enjoy the ride!

“We are the Universe itself, expanding, awakening, experiencing All That Is.” – Dr Alexandra Domelle

It’s impossible for us to have something in our life or in the world that is not aligned with our consciousness. So we begin to get a picture of how we need to develop and grow and unfold, of how we must change individually and collectively.

What we are going through, the pandemic and the collapse of systems and the economy, is not something happening outside of us. We created reasons to exist for this virus, we designed and executed systems that were not flexible or sustainable enough. Now we are observing and living it. We don’t know what the path is or how long it takes; we are ready. If we weren’t ready, we wouldn’t be having this experience. We are ready and there is no turning back. 

Welcome these unpredictable times, embrace all emotions that surface including fear, and stay woke. Don’t fall back to victim consciousness, stay woke and let’s go through this with eyes and hearts wide open. We need every single soul to play their part in this transformation. 

In these moments, there lies a choice. You can choose to ignore this wake-up call and go back to sleep.

Or you can choose to heed it, knowing that once you commit to Awakening, nothing will ever be the same again.

So the question is, what will you choose?

Will you choose to sleep?


Will you choose to be woke?

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