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Do you believe we can just return to ‘normal’ after the COVID19 pandemic? Do we even want to?

Do we go back to selling unnecessary stuff  to feed unconsciousness, addictions and irresponsibility? Sending employees around the world to sell these products and services? Polluting our planet with unnecessary plastic? Controlling our employees in centralised offices? Reinforcing inequality in our system? Seeing inclusion as a positive add-on for image marketing? 

If yes, then feel free to move on to another e-mail or article.

If you feel like this is an opportunity to bring deep systemic change in your organisation or company, then please read on. We offer solutions for how you can bring this type of change in your organisation/community.

The old systems are collapsing in front of us. First slowly, then gradually, then all of a sudden. In order to move forward and bring real change, we need to reinvent ourselves first, start with human innovation as the basis of everything, respecting people and the planet.

In the last few centuries, we have witnessed a pattern. After the most intense crises in the (Western) world, we saw a significant increase in :

  • long term thinking and doing
  • global cooperation
  • governmental influence, budgets, impact and guidance
  • optimism, dreams and hope at the nation level 
  • efforts to reduce social and economic inequalities
  • efforts to reduce environmental damage

After The Great Depression (1929), Roosevelt launched the New (Social) Deal in 1933. After the end of WW2 (1945), we saw the launch of the United Nations, Unicef, IMF, World Bank etc. 

We are in a similar phase now. The pandemic converges with a large global economic crisis that will be followed by an even larger ecological crisis. 

How can we move as leaders of organisations, companies and communities:

  • from the now strangling concept of scarcity to a concept of unlimited abundance?
  • from a society of control to a society of trust? 
  • from the paradigm of competition to collaboration? 
  • from authority to the responsibility of caring for our communities, nature and future generations?
  • from being burned-out and addicted to being liberated to choose and create? 
  • from being exclusive to being inclusive?
  • from blaming to taking responsibility?
  • from hating “the other” to loving “oneness”, transcending nations, industries and species?
  • from the fearful ego to a whole human, integrating mind, body and soul? 
  • from consumption cultures to Regenerative Cultures? 
  • from problem-solving to dream manifesting, based on values?
  • moving from destructive roles of our shadows to becoming role-models, shining a light on the human potential as nature, living and working with loving awareness?

In other words; “How can we use our leadership, our companies or organisations and our team’s strengths and energy to heal & transform the world?”

We are the leaders we have been waiting for, to move towards a good place where we can collaborate and co-create a more beautiful world that we all – deep inside – know is possible.

We at Conscious Learning Tribe are the global forefront of the emerging new world, with long-term systemic solutions to the social and ecological crises, supported by a new kind of consciousness. We are a global movement or tribe connecting the best thought leaders, visionaries, C-suites execs, founders and pioneers. We transcend any role, status or nation as we see ourselves as channels to spreading universal principles as we sign up in our manifesto; 

Nature is our guide to sustainable evolution, regenerative thinking and creativity.

Children are our role models for curious and joyful existence, 

Technology is our tool for manifesting dreams,

…while ancient wisdom, cultures and rituals inspire us to feel gratitude, embrace our connection and celebrate the richness of human life

To remember and connect to the LOVE that is omnipresent in all of us.


Let’s reinvent ourselves, our companies/organisations, our work, our cities, the way we live, the way we travel, to stay healthy, to heal ourselves, our teams and communities, with love.

We enable and support projects, communities and businesses that empower humanity by accelerating the evolution of consciousness. Together we become the conscious co-creators, artists, designers and makers of a new world. We create new cultures that we, our children and future generations deserve.

We use human network platforms and events (Conscious Learning Tribe website, newsletter & The UnConference online consciousness experiences), transformational tools and methods (5D Conscious Business Model & Design), Socratic Dialogues, holistic health programs and retreats, alongside creative collaborations with our partners.

Previously participated to The UnConference (amongst many others):

Rita McGrath (global top 10 management thinker, professor at Columbia University in New York)
John Hagel (Deloitte Center of the Edge, World Economic Forum, Singularity University)
Douglas Rushkoff (Media Theorist, Author & Host of Team Human)
Daniel Pinchbeck (American author of Breaking Open the Head, How Soon Is Now)
Loic Le Meur (VC and entrepreneur, founder of Pawa and Leweb conferences)
Sunny Bates (CEO Sunny Bates Associates, TED Brain Trust, Kickstarter Board of Directors)
Gerd Leonhard (Futurist, Humanist, Keynote Speaker, CEO The Futures Agency)
Paul Saffo (futurist, teacher at Stanford University and Board member at Long Now Foundation)
Barney Swan (1st person crossing the South Pole powered by clean energy)
Faiz Nazarali (founder and CEO of High Vibe Network)
Pinar Demirdag (multi-disciplinary deep learning artist working a.o. for Google, IKEA, Nike and Airbnb)
Daniel Christian Wahl (author of Designing Regenerative Cultures)
Ruth Andrade (Regenerative Impact, Earth Care & Giving @ LUSH)
Inma Martinez (Digital Scientist, Advisor, Keynote Speaker & Lecturer)
Virginia Salas Kastilio (serial entrepreneur, Founder of I Trust You)
Jonathan MacDonald (Private Advisor, Keynote Speaker & Author)
Sujith Ravindran (founder of the BEING abundance movement, author, co-founder Being At Full Potential)
Joe Patuticci (Founder of Data Garden, Multimedia Healing Artist)
Barbara Belvisi (Founder & CEO at Interstellar Lab)
– Mercan Dede (Multidisciplinary Explorer)
– Arzu Kaprol (Fashion Artist, Multidisciplinary Designer)
– Bibi Birzoska (Conscious Sexuality facilitator, Wellness director of Nomade Tulum)

You can view some examples of The UnConference here:

Regenerative Cultures
The Future of Organisations
Imagination #blacklivesmatter

We are excited to collaborate with partners who fully embrace our values, vision and purpose. Partners who also want to create a better world in solid and actionable ways. Not tomorrow but today. Because we exist and transform in the NOW.

If you are interested in becoming a Founding Partner of our movemenet, please contact us directly via email to organise a chat.

With love & joy,

Rudy, Canay & Yuri

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