Mind to Heart – deep change mega shifts for the next decade

Join our Introduction, MasterClass or Alignment webinars, dialogues, and live interactive experiences designed to immerse into the 4 Mega Shifts.

Read if you want to upgrade to the new human operating system: Mind to Heart.

2020 has been a challenging year for most, yet in the cracks there is beauty and opportunity for transformation.

Did you know that nearly nine out of ten people want real change after COVID-19, for our world to become more sustainable and equitable?

How are you and your organisation preparing for these changes towards more regenerative, collaborative and inclusive models?

We at Conscious Learning Tribe are passionate and dedicated to help companies and organisations transition corporate strategy from a profit-first to a purpose-first economy. Towards more sustainable business and quality living.

We are inviting you to join our new transformation program: “Mind to Heart”.

Mind to Heart: a conscious upgrade today

The last few years and months, we have been contemplating, meditating, researching, experiencing and adapting to a more vibrant, organic and sustainable lifestyle. We decided to share our journey of transformation with wider communities. So, earlier this year, we started hosting The UnConference.

We had remarkably curious talks, interviews and sensorial experiences with some of the most amazing and influential global thought leaders, artists, game changers and activists. And we shared it all with YOU, our growing community of around 18,000 people. We hope you enjoyed the journey!

The feedback you shared made us even more passionate about creating deep change, so we tapped into an upgrade to the operating system of human thinking, being, and acting. We call this upgrade: Mind to Heart.

The Mind to Heart program (download PDF here) focuses on 4 Deep Change Mega Shifts – each with their own sub-trends – that are the deep roots of tech, business, design and innovation for the upcoming decade.

Incremental innovation is over, we need deep change

We believe that the time of incremental innovation is over, it’s no longer good enough to solve problems on the surface leading to other problems soon after. Mind to Heart is a journey…

… from finding your purpose to how to integrate wellness and wellbeing for your team or within your organisation.

… from renewable energy integration to regenerative culture design.

…from profit to stakeholder capitalism

…from an addictive consumerist mindset to a conscious co-creation heartset.

It’s a journey where we learn how we can make our cities, organisations, products, services, travel and tourism more conscious.

The 4 Megashifts

Let’s co-create!

We’d love to collaborate to start the Mind To Heart Journey for your organisation; to create a new vision for yourself, your team and your company, in sync with your values and purpose. To become more agile, responsible, healthy, resilient and confident for what’s to come, and contribute to regenerative and inclusive systems for your teams, clients, communities and future generations.

A co-created learning journey together

In this customisable program, you will learn about the urgent topics we need to address together to create a new vision for ourselves, our teams and our organisations, in sync with our values and purpose:

  • Purpose / Ikigai. How to connect you and your organisation’s Purpose to the benefit of People, Planet and creating Prosperity.
  • Regenerative Cultures Applied, ecologically-inspired case-studies in agriculture, architecture, community planning, cities, enterprises, economics and ecosystem regeneration and learning.
  • Holistic Health. How to take care of the five main aspects of personal health: physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and intellectual.
  • Decentralisation. Applied to group dynamics and management science in private businesses and organisations, political science, law and public administration, economics, money and technology.
  • Conscious Cities. Conscious City Design incl. new design areas such as Data-Driven Design, Design for Wellbeing, Design for Equity, Design Innovation, Social Urbanism, Democratic Design, Human Mobility and more.
  • Conscious Travel & Tourism. How to minimise negative social, economic and environmental impact, generate greater economic benefits for local people and enhance the well-being of hosting communities.
  • 5D Conscious Business Model Design. How to build a purposeful and soulful business that is a force for good and reflects your values, embodies the tenets of Conscious Business, UNSDG2030 and acts appropriately as a responsible global citizen.
  • Impact Activation. Unleashing game-changers to dream and design practical, emotionally-resonant strategies for impact activation through a holistic approach, integrating applied data, philosophy, neuroscience and behavioural psychology, design thinking and conscious business-modelling principles.
  • Embodying The Future of Learning & Work, Now. Reimagining education and work: purpose-led success, turning constraints into opportunities, unleashing human potential with technology, a global vision for local leaders and how to embody the future, now.
  • Inclusive Design. Why, what and how to design inclusively for gender, racial, ethnic and age justice, perceptual richness, flexibility and sensibility. Design examples for work cultures, products, learning programs, services and algorithms.
  • Feminine Energy Rising- Liquid Leadership. Why, what and how to embrace the power and leadership of wom(x)n and of the feminine as a fundamental creative energy: – feelingbeingreceptivityintuitionpsychic thought, and creation and the gift of nurturance. This is also an invitation for men to fully understand the divine feminine and reclaim this power for themselves.
  • Children First World. A conscious and fresh innovation vision to unlearning, designing and healing with the inspiration of new humans: children.

Customise your Mind to Heart program

If you resonate with our message, please fill in the Typeform at MindtoHeart.co where you can customise your Mega Shifts, MasterClass or Alignment webinar sessions with Yuri van Geest, Canay Atalay, and Rudy de Waele – co-founders Conscious Learning Tribe & The UnConference, so we can have a conversation based on your specific needs and answer your questions.

Alternatively, you can contact us directly to schedule a call or receive more information about this program.

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Looking forward to meet you soon somewhere.

Canay, Rudy and Yuri.

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