Playdate with Canay: Chris Dews / In Love with the Earth

Have you ever wondered about the real Ibiza, beyond its mass & luxurious tourism, clubbing, and high season extravaganza? The reason why I started living in Ibiza, the real magic of this island is not the clubbing but the local people who love Ibiza, and dedicate their lives to regenerate its culture and nature through generations.

Chris Dews is one of the first and mostly recommended people I was advised to meet when I first arrived to Ibiza. He is the name behind Casita Verde, an ecology and education centre where participants can learn sustainable, healthy living by applying permaculture principles, using alternative energy and re-using and up-cycling waste materials. He is also the founder of Ibiza Fenix, a social leadership movement platform that brings together 13 NGOs with conservation interests.

Chris Dews, founder of Casita Verde and Ibiza Fenix

We have done an innovation week together in August 2019 called “Children First Ibiza”, in collaboration with local conscious businesses, children and parents, expert and artist community. Since then, I have learned so much and increased my perception of how much we can apply what believe in our own lives, and communities. Chris Dews for sure “walks the talk”.

In our playdate, you will learn about his story of how he arrived to in Ibiza in 1985, why and how he created Casita Verde and Ibiza Fenix, and his future plans for systemic change in collaboration with other stakeholders.

Follow the Greenheart and create your own Casita Verde

Casita Verde Ibiza entrance


Here is an invitation from Casita Verde’s website to reduce dependency on the Earth’s precious resources and live life in a more sustainable way;

  • Follow a plant based diet.

  • Create your own compost.

  • Grow some of your own food.

  • Generate your own solar or wind energy / hire Wegner Roofing & Solar for installations.

  • Collect rainwater, saving and reusing water.

  • Dedicate to living a more sustainable life.

  • Up-cycle and recycle waste materials.

You can find more resources and guidance on and join the Casita Verde community here.

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