Creative Partnerships of Art & Business with Maceo Paisley

Maceo Paisley is a multi-disciplinary artist who defines himself as a “Dancer,  Designer & Thinker”. He shares his stories through different creative mediums: he has a book (Tao of Maceo), a film (Dynamite) and he is the founder of a non-profit organisation Citizens of Culture, that promotes arts and culture to develop critical thinking, emotional intelligence, and combat resource inequality. Maceo continually explores themes in society and business through his own identity, movement, thoughts and emotions.

In our interview, Maceo’s passion to integrate art and business is clear. He talks about how to create a healthy cycle of value creation for the intangible, such as human emotions, beauty and curiosity for the unknown. He is equally passionate about helping business leaders and entrepreneurs to welcome emotions as sensory guidelines, and navigate how they are triggered by each emotion while designing and making decisions.

There is a place for art and the artists in this world, more than ever. A place for people who think outside the box, for artists like Maceo… and maybe you and me. Business, science and technology need art and artists more than ever, that is the only way forward for the next level of evolution of humanity. Maybe then we will find our place in the natural cycle of value creation, for the entire ecosystem, for Earthlings, Earth and beyond. And only art can do that.


Our conversation with Maceo today made me realise it again. I hope it inspires you to think differently, to allow yourself to breathe in the vastness of the art waiting to be created through your unique talents. Here is our exclusive interview with Maceo. Make sure to check out his social media links before we meet with him again this Sunday (see below).


Maceo will join other inspiring panelists LIVE this Sunday at The, on the topic of “How to design new conscious business models?” Register here for free:

Everything you can imagine is real.
Pablo Picasso

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