Sustainable Design Strategies For Crises, with Rasmus Daniel

Playdate with Canay: Rasmus Daniel

In these extraordinary times, we see more role model companies and leaders stepping up to prove that it is possible to cultivate a different mindset, to use your existing set of tools to support your business, clients and communities.

Rasmus Daniel is the Head Of Business Development and Brand at Stykka, a Danish custom furniture and interiors company. Like many other businesses, their lives changed with COVID-19. What happens when people no longer go to offices and have to work from home? They have to share their desks with their families and friends, to work, to eat and to study… Less than 24 hours after they identified the changing need of their clients, Stykka came up with the first prototype of their “STAY THE F*** HOME” cardboard desk, at speed and budget. You can order one online at €80, to be delivered to your door. Or, if you have access to cardboard and a laser cutter, you can download the template for free and print it out yourself. The the design is open source and encouraged as a part of their sustainability mission.

Stay The F*** Home desk


This new business design approach – based on collaboration with their clients and networks – also gave birth to their urgency product, The Face Shield: protection for humans.

Design thinking and sustainability are philosophies you can reflect on all dimensions of life. Our playdate with Rasmus, extended to discussing city design approaches in comparison to his cycling journeys in China and Denmark, as well as mind-body health and its effect on creativity and focus.

Enjoy the Playdate!

Join Rasmus and other amazing panelists LIVE this Sunday, 26.04, at our weekly online event The Unconference ( to explore “How to live a more self-sustainable lifestyle, now?’

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