Play To Innovate with Yesim Kunter

We started Conscious Learning Tribe to provide space to learn, to spread the tools, inspiration and expertise of each other, to practice more conscious ways of living and working. The joy of learning is our main value and we thrive in learning the joyous ways of being. That’s why my interview with Yesim Kunter – the Play expert and creative strategist who is also Turkish like me – was a pure delight.

I met Yesim at D4CR Talkoot 2019 in Denmark. We connected immediately and since then we have been following each other on social media. A week ago, I bumped into her Instagram post about her “Childhood Play Space-where everything stopped, dreamt and imagined…” It featured a colourful Play-doh model and talked about how we can play together like children, even (and especially) in times like this.

In our Playdate with Yesim Kunter,  we navigated concepts that are deeply interconnected but are perceived in silos by many, such as: Work-Life, Courage-Vulnerability, Efficiency-Creativity, Tangible Action-Play…

Yesim Kunter

In this interview, you will find out that how we define play and playfulness are only a subset of the philosophy of play, and how we live our lives on a daily basis is only a drop in the ocean.

The beauty of seeing the world through the eyes of our inner child sounds like a luxury, especially these days. But is that true? Maybe the way we describe our reality and how we should live and work (or the lack of inspection into these very essential questions), seems like the start of suffering: the busy-ness, the isolation from emotions, each other and nature. Here we are, stepping out from the daily routine of physical existence, with its boredom and conformity – to find that out for ourselves. Surely one must have extraordinary order in one’s life? Order in the sense that there is no contradiction of any kind with the adult’s vision for a good life and the playfulness of the child within.

Care to play with us? Hop in 🙂



Yesim will be with us LIVE on Sunday, April 19th at The, on the topic of “How to transform your identity & role as a whole human?” with other inspiring panelists. Register here for free:

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