Paolo’s Vitruvian

Playdate with Canay: Paolo Troilo

Meet Paolo Troilo, a globally-recognised and self-taught artist who paints large-scale paintings of imagined and surreal bodies using only his hands.

He joined our playdate from his studio in Milan, a temple of self-isolation with carefully chosen high ceilings that let natural light to bring the shadows into expression, and allow eternity to manifest on his black and white paintings through his hands.

Paolo Troilo

Although Paolo’s talent was discovered when he was a child, he pursued an advertising career with Saatchi and Saatchi. One day he found himself holding a box of his belongings, knowing he was not going back to the office the next day. He realised that he had the time for a new life and asked himself, “What now?”. That was the rebirth of professional artist Paolo, or how he calls himself: the Artisan Paolo.

In our dialogue, we freed ourselves from judgement and the need to rush. We enjoyed being in the moment with all that is and observed what became of us, together. Upon my question of how to align with self and nature again, he took a long pause for reflection and said: “Start with the body”. Then, he added, “it is the blood and the flesh where you can begin.”

If you are looking for something beyond the ratios and mind of a human, join our playdate as we explore time, childhood, creativity, knowingness (and lack of it), empathy and – more importantly – being a vessel of all creation, as we are born to be.

Welcome to new (and ancient) rules of being, bending the reality. Here it is: “Paolo’s Vitruvian”

“My Vitruvian” by Paolo Troilo /2020_2x2m_Collezione privata Biondi_Milano


To learn more about Paolo Troilo and his art, visit his website  and Instagram page


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