5D Conscious Business Model Design

The world is changing at a staggering rate. What’s more, the rate of change itself is continuing to accelerate. We suddenly find ourselves beset on all sides by multiple failures of political, economic, and social institutions struggling to keep pace, causing unprecedented disruption in nearly every corner of our lives.  We’ve clearly hit that breaking point. On the positive side; Real threats force people to return to the specific and help their awareness, unused skills, which have not been revealed to date, to cope with the “life havoc”. While trying to find solutions in unusual conditions, leaders start to look at everything with a different eye. In search of an order that has been accepted without question, we are revealed to be asleep in an ongoing comfort zone. We will remember to take initiative in order to survive and maintain life in a different order, to look at our habits and order fiction with a different eye, to show conscience and to settle for content. As economic, social, and geopolitical disruption continues, it becomes increasingly important for us to take careful inventory of the structure, form, and moral basis of each institutional pillar on which our civilisation rests. For centuries, the key to success has been essentially: “Do more, do faster”. A microorganism, COVID-19 showed us that humans’ centuries-old social and economic construct can be demolished in as fast as a week, and anything that is not the necessity of nature is re-designable. The paradigm has shifted, the economy – as we designed it – is collapsing. Many people are at home wondering how they are going to pay the rent, while businesses and governments are in shock looking for solutions. We need a bold new approach to leadership and a business culture that prioritises environmental and social responsibility, that sees profit as a way to sustain value creation. 

Let’s use this period to design new business models that benefit communities and the planet

We have to get out of our comfort zones now that we have hit rock bottom (of our previous construct). Let’s restart and make the best use of this period to build a new social and economic construct, for ourselves and for future generations. 

The strongest businesses are not those with the highest revenues or employee numbers, they are the ones that are the most adaptable to a changing environment and motivates survival together.

We don’t know exactly what that world will look like after the COVID-19 pandemic, but we can imagine. Basically, take the trends that were already in motion and hit the fast-forward button. Virtualization of events, activities, and interactions. Automation of processes and services. Political and economic decentralization. The growing importance of sustainability, regenerative and circular business approaches. I invite all business leaders to go one step further than imagining and talking. And here is our solution: 5 Dimension Conscious Business Model Design.

5D Conscious Business Model Design

“5D Conscious Business Model Design” helps entrepreneurs and corporate leaders to redefine their role and act for a conscious roadmap of value, communication, partnership and economic model transformation in the emerging world paradigm in which corporations exist to optimize both good and profit. You will learn how to build a purposeful and soulful business that is a force for good and reflects your values, embodies the tenets of Conscious Business and acts appropriately as a responsible global citizen. Finally, if you are a leader who aspires to operate from the heart, believes in abundance and plays power with instead of power over, 5D Conscious Business Model Design suggests how you can leverage conscious leadership, cultural innovation and the Global Goals to inspire and lead your company so that it is optimized for your employees, business partners, clients and communities. This method is an outcome of my 20+ years of experience in business, design, technology, marketing, community management, personal transformation, and being extremely unsatisfied with the siloed methods. We had to cross-fertilize the best methods, working collaboratively across edges — with ongoing learning and development sourced from the diversity of experts, market dynamics, company structures and leadership styles. We developed 5D Conscious Business Model Design over 120 projects in three years. Our methodologies include design thinking, circular design, regenerative design, conscious futurism, lean innovation, philosophy, strategy, conscious leadership, neuroscience and wellness. This model helps you bring balance to business between efficiency and resilience; collaboration and competition; diversity and coherence; and small, medium, and large organisations’ needs.  5D Conscious Business Model Design is an innovative, adaptive and responsive approach to transform businesses by transforming the way we think, communicate and act as business leaders, unlocking our creativity, motivating practical and strategic decision making.  With this model, you will become better surfers who enjoy higher waves when everyone else is watching from the shore. It is not only the courage but the technique and flexibility that will set you free. Let’s take a quick look at what this program consists of; 1-REDEFINE YOUR IDENTITY BASED ON YOUR VALUES

  • Your business is you. If you want to transform your business, be open (and more willing) to transform yourself in this process.
  • Start with your values. What is most important to you as a leader? What are your daily rituals?
  • What is your leadership style; do you allow feminine energy work in harmony with your masculine? As you manifest your goals, can you allow what needs to be born by becoming a conscious vessel to new life?
  • How do your values translate into your company’s goals, design, decision making, recruitment, communication processes? 
  • What is success to you? Why, and how do you measure it? Redefine success METRICS based on your values? (Not just profit, growth and GDP). 
  • How can we redesign the idea of constant growth into enough? How can you contribute to the health of the whole? What changes in business incentives, employment when we need to think about to design a better experience of holistic health?


  • What are the megatrends that are affecting your market and communities today and tomorrow? How can you prepare for these trends, and create value as a leader?
  • Create empathy with your target audiences and design value propositions with a new mindset. Do NOT feed or create dependency/addiction/FOMO. Let’s focus on actually EMPOWERING your employees, clients, local/ global communities. Initiate and nourish empowered participation. Create “relationships” in ways that not only empower them to negotiate for their own needs but also enable them to add their unique contribution towards the health and well-being of the larger wholes in which they are embedded.


  • There’s not a total lack of a positive long-term vision now. The UN sustainable development goals, for example, call for gender equality, no poverty, no hunger, decent work, climate action, and justice (among other goals) around the world. We need more collaboration and stronger commitments to affect the realisation of these principles; decide on your role and how you will serve these goals. 
  • Flourish your business with more inclusivity, sustainability and diversity. Envision a new role reversing the global narrative of separation; separation between the human species and the natural world; separation between humans of different races, religions, beliefs; separation between humans and their own sense of soul.
  • Respect the rights of all other living beings on the planet. 


  • How are your target audiences – and their expectations – changing? 
  • To create value for your target audiences in a sustainable way, think of the key activities that you will focus on and innovate. 
  • Flex your muscles of collaboration, reimagine new partnership models in line with market trends, and collaborate in an open & transparent global environment. 
  • Simple to say, but the struggle to balance collaboration and competition alone requires us to abandon training of generations to compete, to leave behind the misconceived notion of survival of the fittest. How can you understand the hidden fear in your culture and create one that encourages creativity, collaboration and curiosity? We use role-modelling and cultural transformation to help bring businesses together in pursuit of a regenerative future.


  • Get hands-on with new economies and what they might mean for your business: Experience economy, gig economy, maker economy, sharing economy, circular economy and regenerative economy.
  • Consider CIRCULARITY: Economic health depends on robust circulatory flows of money, information, resources, and goods and services to support exchange, flush toxins, and nourish every cell at every level of our human networks. The circulation of money and information and the efficient use and reuse of materials are particularly critical to individuals, businesses, and economies reaching their regenerative potential.
  • Harness CONNECTIVITY; The reciprocal, open sharing of information and knowledge. The ability to pay it forward and pass on education and learning to individuals, through businesses, in business school redesign. Carving out time to have connected conversations which allow for more meaningful relationships. Embrace the technology that is going to walk alongside us into the future and that allows and will keep on allowing humans to focus on creative, meaningful and joyful lives and work.

Last but not least: EXPERIMENT. Motivation and confidence to take action and learning from real-life experiences are an integral part of self and business transformation. Combine methodologies and enrich your learning. Bring people together from different expertise and grow your community every day. Allow failing consciously, and learn to be fast to stand up again, wiser and better.  Every business’ first and foremost job is empowering its employees, clients and business partners to live better lives. Businesses come and go, but communities live. Create real value for communities today with a long term vision. Do not sell products or services only, focus on creating better experiences but most importantly inspire, trigger learning for your target audiences for HUMAN INNOVATION, starting with yourself and your employees.  Articulate long-term vision, allow the unknown to co-create with you and start your personal and business model transformation NOW. 5D Conscious Business Model Design is your continuous tool to become the conscious business leader, entrepreneur you envision to be, creating sustainable value for the clients, ecosystems and business, while taking responsibility for wider communities and the Planet. 

READY TO SURF? Feel free to ask questions and share comments below. 

Cover photo by Matthias Götzke on Unsplash

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