Raising consciousness among digital leaders

Rudy featured in Fujitsu’s “I-Global Intelligence for the CIO” platform on Conscious Business and New Age Leaders.

“Today, de Waele’s keynotes and executive sessions still look at rapid advances in technology but they do so through a new lens of business and individual consciousness. He argues that businesses and their leaders need to start thinking differently about the design of their organizations and the role they play so that their purpose becomes much more holistic and aligned to wider societal goals.

One of the main catalysts for this change, he argues, is that a new generation of digital natives has emerged that doesn’t want to see technology exploited solely for maximizing business profitability or for individual convenience or gratification at the expense of others. Rather they want to see technology applied in areas that support the common good. They think business leaders need to recognize that shift and dramatically change their thinking and their organizations’ response.”



Read the full “Raising consciousness among digital leaders on I-Global Intelligence for the CIO” interview here.

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