Rudy de Waele

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Conscious Futurist 

Futurism is not about predicting what’s going to happen but making conscious choices to create the future we want.
Rudy de Waele
Rudy de Waele

Rudy de Waele is a conscious futurist and humanistkeynote speakercontent curator and author. He is the cofounder of Conscious Learning Tribe, The UnConference & Human Works.

Rudy is on a mission to make business leaders as passionate about life as they are about their profits.

Out of a deep love for humanity and nature, Rudy is currently focusing on advising business leaders and policy makers globally on the big shifts in humanity, technology and the environment.

Rudy “unconditions” the status quo and invites leaders towards becoming a new kind of celestial being, in harmony with people, profit, prosperity & our planet. Agile, responsible, resilient and confident for what’s to come and discover their potential to create regenerative, collaborative, sustainable, inclusive and co-created systems for the benefit of their beloved ones, their communities and future generations.

He uses art, technology, music, ancient cultural wisdom and personal transformation techniques to awaken the unconditional true being in people and guides them to becoming the best version of themselves leaving centuries old patriarchal and ego-centred thinking behind.

His career spanning +40 years innovating in different sectors from the music, media, marketing, internet, mobile and event industries. The last decade he’s been advising top brands as a futurist with a unique holistic view and artistic storytelling through a blend of sensing, guiding and analysing technological innovation, demographics and socio-economic trends.

Rudy is the co-founder of Human Works, a company that creates learning programs and experiences, to facilitate innovation in the fields of conscious learning, ethical technology and regenerative economies.

He is the co-founder of Conscious Learning Tribe (CLT), a community of leaders and game-changers striving to accelerate the transition to more conscious, sustainable, inclusive, meaningful, and holistic futures. The CLT mission is to create a better planet by offering cutting edge experiences and insights for emerging or current leaders, unifying all in a global tribe. In the weekly online video UnConference events and curated newsletter Rudy and his partners, Canay Atalay and Yuri van Geest, share their experiences on how to choose a healthy life & work, use technology for good, respect people and our planet, and leave our old thought systems behind to transform ourselves.

With the Breath In Leadership Journey, Conscious Learning Tribe, in close collaboration with Nyenrode Business University, introduce an innovative holistic leadership experience to address major current societal and business issues. The journey links leadership skills, personal development and nature based (un)learning opportunities for human leadership, for 100% of life, and for all generations to come.

Rudy is also the co-founder of Children First World, a ground-breaking movement pushing for the inclusion of children and a children-first approach to design and innovation, to help awaken the inner child within all of us.

Rudy was previously known internationally as a thought leader in the Mobile 2.0 movement. He was a proponent of open innovation and the development of the app economy ecosystem and still lectures regularly at top technology conferences. Read his Mobile Trends 2020 collaborative work, published in 2010.

His book “Shift 2020 – How Technology Will Impact Our Future” was released early in 2014 and delivers visionary and impactful insights into how future influences such as IoT, Genetics, Robotics and AI will have on our collective daily lives. The book includes predictions from some of the world’s leading technology experts, and now that 2020 is upon us, it presents rare prescience in a notoriously unpredictable landscape.

A graduate from Singularity University, Rudy has developed over 200 leading industry events across more than 50 cities across the globe. He is an associate of The Futures Agency, a member of the IoT Council – a global think tank for the Internet of Things – as well as a Strategic Advisor and Ambassador to Smart Cities World.

Rudy’s unparalleled experience, knowledge and insight, propels you to stay ahead of the curve.

He has helped diverse global brands such as ABN AMRO, Adobe, Bayer, Boston Consulting Group, BMW, Cap Gemini, Coca-Cola, FedEx, Fujitsu, Google, IBM, Intel, Intesa Sanpaolo, Investcorp, KPMG, Louis Vuitton, Mastercard, Microsoft, NEC, Orange, PayPal, Pfizer, Royal Bank of Canada, Russian Railways, Samsung, Telefonica, Vodafone and World Bank.

Mr de Waele, a native of Belgium, is fluent in English, French, Dutch, and Spanish. He lives in Ibiza and plays the saxophone whenever he can with like-hearted souls.

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Rudy de Waele at Vodafone IoT Conference, Lisbon – February 2018 (Image credit is: Filipe Amorim/Global Imagens)

Topics, themes and syllabus.

In his most recent presentations, Rudy talks about “The Age of Consciousness”.

Technological innovation everywhere is accelerating the pace of human consciousness and awareness. We need to be prepared for a future where humans and machines work alongside one another, making each other smarter without being dominated by technology – or addicted to it.

Conscious leaders of tomorrow are those who reflect, take responsibility and innovate the way we design the future for ourselves and our children. Respecting our planet and building a more equal, inclusive, sustainable, transparent and prosperous society.

We are all responsible for surfacing our ‘human attributes, desires, dreams and values’ to our consciousness, then applying them to our business models and technology decisions to create meaningful futures.

Rudy de Waele at Bluetech Demo Day, Lisbon – November 2019

Rudy de Waele with Yuri Nazarov (CIO of Kiev city) at Techfusion, Kiev, Ukraine

Rudy’s Speaking Topics

Rudy de Waele with Canay Atalay at Mastercard One Smart Club, Edinburgh, Ireland – July. 2019

In his visual and dynamic presentation style, with a deep and philosophical human touch, Rudy gives insights and strategizes upon the present and future of the most important topics for any leader and organisation today (see topic list below).

  • Agritech
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Automation of everything (Robotics, drones, IoT)
  • Autonomous vehicles and Transportation
  • Biotech
  • Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies
  • Circular Design
  • Climate
  • Conscious Business Model Design & Innovation
  • Conscious Cities
  • Conscious Leadership
  • Digital Transformation
  • Education, Learning and HR
  • Energy, Utilities and Environment
  • Exponential Technologies
  • Fashion Tech
  • Fintech and Financial Services
  • Food Tech
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Manufacturing & Process Industry
  • Mindfulness
  • Nanotech
  • New Economies (digital, sharing, gig, platform, circular, maker, experience)
  • Personal Transformation
  • Pharma, Health and Medical
  • Philosophy and Ethics
  • Spirituality
  • Technology and Humanity
  • Wellbeing and Longevity
  • Work, Jobs and Employment

Rudy de Waele's Posts

Client Testimonials

Arinya Talerngsri
Southeast Asia Center (SEAC)
Managing Director

Rudy delivered an excellent session on future trends and also participated in a fascinating on-stage interview on future innovation and conscious leadership at the AIS ‘Academy for Thais’. This event attracted over 3,000 senior executives and business owners to explore digital transformation. Rudy’s contribution was insightful and inspiring as it opened the audience’s eyes to the speed and scope of disruption. Rudy has a very strong grasp of where the world is now and where it might be heading depending upon the decisions and actions we take as leaders today.

October 2018

Stanislas Hintzy
Le Poool
Managing Director

Rudy did the opening keynote of the 4th edition of our flagship event – La Digital Tech Conference – which this year also featured speakers from Google, Amazon, and Mozilla. Our participant survey showed that Rudy’s section came out on the top of the most favourite moments of the event. Congratulation Rudy! In addition to delivering a great speech with many audiovisual illustrations, Rudy is very professional and easy to work with, both in the preparation phase, during and after the event. Warmly recommended.

November 2018

Monica Mistretta

“Rudy de Waele was the opening keynote speaker for our first IT Masters CON Monterrey, that gathered a crowd of 250+ attendees from the most important companies in the north of Mexico. He spoke about conscious business, future technology, and the importance of ethics and personal change looking forward. It was superb! He is a very experienced speaker, with a clear narrative and a kind and warm personality. We were thrilled to have him and is welcome again anytime.”

Mexico, May 2018.

Baskin Roman Valeryevich
Corporate University of Russian Railways

“I’d like to express our sincere gratitude for holding the master-class “Exponential Technology Trends Impacting Transport Engineering and Railway Industry” for the leadership of the Russian Railways company. The talk aroused the keen interest of the whole audience and was also highly appreciated by the top management of the company. We are sure that your vision of global tendencies, shared with us, will inspire the team of Russian Railways for the new ideas aimed at the company’s strategic development and shaping our common comfortable and technological future. We wish you success and hope for a further fruitful cooperation.”

November 2017

Katia Rachitoff
Seminarium Peru
General Manager

“Having Rudy as a Keynote speaker at our most important Digital event in Peru has been a memorable experience. Our audience was extremely pleased with Rudy’s participation as our audience survey confirms. His dynamic, thought-provoking, insightful  and very visual presentation was very well conceived including the latest exponential technology and societal trends. His style is very friendly, he connected and engaged very quickly with the audience. Without a doubt, I would have Rudy again.”

November 2017

Erlan Ospanov
Verny Capital Group

“We invited Rudy as a guest speaker to our annual corporate event in 2017. Forum of Leaders is an excellent opportunity for top management of Verny Capital Group to get together to discuss strategic plans, growth outlook and world trends of rapidly changing business environment. More than 100 people attended the one-day packed programme, and I was pleased that Rudy was able to join us to share his vision of the digital future and how business should be shaped to take up opportunities and avoid threats. His presentation with excellent visuals and thought-provoking conclusions backed our corporate message about big moves and global shifts helping to project the call for change. On behalf of the Verny Capital Group I would like to thank Rudy for his participation in our event.”

Kazakhstan, September 2017

Head of Research
Geneva School of Business Administration

“Rudy gave a fantastic keynote speech at the beginning of our symposium on the future of work in the context of the growing power of artificial intelligence and robotics. The talk was very inspiring and gave an excellent perspective on the current transition in the manufacturing and service industries and on the likely future role of machines. The feedback we got from the audience on his talk was very enthusiastic.”

Switzerland, March 2017

Simon Torrance
Senior Advisor

“Rudy delivered a superb keynote stimulus presentation on ‘The 10 most disruptive IoT innovations everyone should know about’ at BearingPoint’s European customer event for 250 delegates. His knowledge, insights and creative delivery style and content was, as ever, very impressive.”

Sonja Smuc
Managers’ Association of Slovenia
Executive Director

“Everybody can talk about the future but not everybody can make sense out of it. Rudy is brilliant at that: he presents the different aspects of disruptive technologies and explains how those will affect business, society and our personal lives. He made a fantastic kick-off to the Leaders’ Congress 2016 in Slovenia. Just mesmerizing.”

Weber Shandwick
Account Manager

“We invited Rudy as a keynote speaker for the European Diabetes Exchange in Stockholm. This event gathered bloggers from 6 countries in Europe and the atmosphere was very casual. Rudy perfectly adapted his speech to the audience and presented brilliantly how future innovations will impact our daily lives.”

Phil Godfrey
TETRA and Critical Communications Association

“The Critical Communications World Congress held in Barcelona was kicked off by Rudy De Waele with a fascinating look at how future technologies might develop. This thought provoking presentation set the scene for a two day conference that discussed how digital mobile communications is currently being used by the emergency services, utilities and other critical communications users as well as describing how future technologies can be of benefit to our users.”

Jean-Luc Beylat
ECOC 2014

“Rudy offered an excellent talk to the enthusiastic international audience of the largest conference on optical communication in Europe (ECOC 2014). He discussed how technology will impact our business and society in the near future through a condensed overview of foresights. The organization team thanks him again for this outstanding and engaging presentation!“

Itzhak Ben-David
The Ohio State University Center for Real Estate

“Rudy delivered an engaging and thought-provoking presentation that looked at the future application of 3-D printing in the real estate industry. The audience of high level real estate industry professionals was captivated by the insights and high energy delivery, and continued to discuss the impact of 3-D printing after the conference. Rudy is a great speaker who is not only knowledgeable about his subject area, but also easy to work with for the organizers.”

Veli Memmedov
Corporate Communications Section Specialist, CEO Office

“Rudy delivered an engaging and brilliant keynote presentation at the yearly Azercell Infoday in Azerbaijan. The advice and knowledge Rudy presented to us for future strategy, as a Telco, has proven extremely valuable to us. On behalf of the whole Azercell team, we thank you for such an excellent and worthy technological forecast and look forward to working with you again.”

Pieter De Moor

“As the keynote speaker of the first Bloovi Mobile Day, the audience was really enthusiastic about Rudy’s talk. The inspiration, the broader view on this mobile transformation resulted in a 9,1/10 appreciation score of the audience.”

Anke Fabian
Die Strateginnen

“Let me assure you that you definitely was and you are a speaker highlight! The way you present your content is fabulous. You reach people brilliantly and I can only hope that they are aware of the worth and that you not only reach their mind but their hearts, because we deeply need to take care of the future behaviours. I dare say even that we need all this input and consciousness for keeping up our democraties. As I feel personally very enriched having met you I just wanted to thank you.”

Davina Luyten
Marketing & Communication

“As the closing keynote at our annual networking conference, Rudy gave an inspiring talk about hot topics in ICT such as the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. His dynamic presentation was very much appreciated by our clients”

Faith Robinson
3D Printshow
Conference Manager

“Rudy delivered an engaging presentation of high-level content – his subject knowledge of future insights and trends in the 3D Printing sector inspired our audience, and filled the room to over capacity. A fantastic speaker who also carries a hefty following.”

More Videos

Rudy de Waele at The Future of HR Conference, Moscow – October 2019

Articles / Interviews

R&H Hall and W&R Barnett Ltd Conference, October 2018 at Carton House, Dublin.

Presentation Slides
Rudy’s slides have over a million views on Slideshare, here’s  an overview of his presentations from the last decade.
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