UnConference Debrief – Radical Love

Key insights from our panellists

At the UnConference this week (17th May), our hosts Canay, Rudy and Yuri were joined as usual by the CLT Team: Primavera and Michael. We were all lucky to host four incredible panellists to discuss Radical Love:

Our great minds delved deep into defining love, how to let love emerge in every element of our lives and how we can begin to heal our trauma or shame to live a life of Radical Love.

Read on for a few snippets from this week’s two-hour discussion.

A few insights from our panellists

Mercan defined love as multi-faceted. It is both who we truly are, but also a roadmap for how to be ourselves and a “compass” that directs us to know ourselves. 

“Love is something like a dream. Like when you dream something, then the next day you want to share the dream with other people but it becomes two dimensional, it’s a bit like that. Love is one of the most radical things anyone can ever experience, almost the big bang of every individual creation process of the spirit.”
– Mercan Dede


Bibi spoke from a place of relationships and sexuality to say that in our culture there is a confusion between “love” and being “in love”. She shared a definition of love that resonates with her by David Deida:

“Love is something you do, not something you fall into or out of. Love is something that you practice, like tennis or violin, not something that you happen to feel or not. So if you are waiting to fall in love then you are making a mistake. Love is an action that you do, and when you do, you feel it. When you are loving, others find you loveable.”
Bibi Brzoska


Chris tackled a difficult question around the subject of shame and how to heal from negative experiences to embrace a more loving life:

“I would say that the central problem of the human condition is that we haven’t been taught how to heal our shame. The process of doing this is through self-love or self-forgiveness and it’s actually a very simple process. The first step is to practice unconditional, non-judgmental consciousness, to be with your pain. Self-love is the is owning all the feelings that arise, allowing them to arise and bringing witnessing to them. That is the healing process.”
Chris Paradox


Arzu gave a vision for awakening Radical Love in design and artistic processes. She suggested we stop seeing love as a magical, undefinable idea to something magical in an everyday way:

“I believe in the simple, daily things that we do. Looking at the water that we drink with love because it’s a magical thing, something that makes us live. The breath we take is magical, we are a breathing mechanism. Instead of looking for at love as something far away or difficult to achieve, it’s the daily routines, being grateful, and this can lead us to happiness and love.”
– Arzu Kaprol


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