Why Conscious Learning Tribe?

Conscious Learning Tribe is born from our human need to connect to universal consciousness. The time is now.

Conscious Learning Tribe is born from our human need to connect to universal consciousness. For me, this need grew during a personal transformation spanning the last few years, it culminated with the realisation that everything I knew before no longer allowed me to progress as a human being. There is a better way.

Stuck in a logical system

Since Descartes’ “I think, therefore I am”, we live in a world where everything is rationalised or limited, seeking solutions in data or science. This system of thinking brought us more abundance, health and wealth, but it ignores our deep connection with other humans, animals and the planet, and it’s coming to an end. We’re moving into the quantum era where even science recognizes that our neurons are connected.

We have been nurturing a thought system that simply isn’t enough any longer. If we really want to innovate, we need to start with our own thinking. It might feel easier to stay in an addictive system. Reading news (real or fake) online. Spiralling discussion with strangers. Binge-watching Netflix or porn, ordering fast food or shopping from the sofa. Getting drunk or high. Our society is an outburst of addiction in every form.

Maybe you, like most people, wake up and check your phone for external input. Messages (noise) from friends, family or work, all before connecting to yourself and what you really want. If you do, then the outside world decides your actions for you.

Question yourself

Take a moment to ask yourself, “do I connect to myself and my beloved one next to me?” Instead, do you choose to react to the insatiable appetite of the outside world, always asking more from you? If the latter is the case, ask yourself these simple questions to work out if you are ready to begin your transformation:

  • Do you love what you do? 
  • Do you need to work to live well? How do you define work?
  • What do you love to do every day that makes you happy?
  • What is your dream to live while you are alive?
  • Do you have the capacity to bring your dream to life?

Answering these questions truthfully will help you realise where you are in your life, whether to choose another route than the one you’ve been taking so far.

When we go back to our values and connect to our real dreams we have a chance to change ourselves and those around us. It takes courage, for sure, but have we ever driven change without courage? I promise that if you choose change, bliss will welcome you on the other side. Take me as an example.

My story

I went from the blind belief that technology can solve all the world’s problems, to the growing need to look inwards. I began checking my belief systems, assumptions and addictions I had built unconsciously during my lifetime. I sought out the ability to become ‘aware’ of the thought systems encoded for thousands of years in my family DNA, the belief systems of my parents, the educational, societal and cultural conditioning we all go through, regardless of religion. I felt the need for connection with humanity, the need to connect with body, soul and heart over the mind.

My quest for happiness took an amazing turn when the love of my life stepped out of Figueres train station in Spain, where she was initiating a Socratic Design workshop. Together, we began a new era of connection. Connecting to my children (and hers) in a way I had never imagined before, connecting to mother nature to ground us, connecting to new friends and communities all over the world, to people who inspire us all to do and live differently than everything you thought you knew.

We chose life instead of thinking that work and money can lead us forward. To live and discover every day with the curiosity of a child, to dream again and realise you can actually live your wildest dreams, right here, right now.

We tell ourselves that children are the future, but children are NOW. We need to stop teaching them ‘old world’ knowledge and start listening to them. They are perfectly aware of what is going on, that life is happening now, and that they own their future.

Personal to professional

For those who have been following me on and off, from Shift 2020 to the “Building Meaningful Futures” newsletter and creating Human Works Design with my partner Canay Atalay, they are all part of my transformation to where I am now, living more consciously, in love with myself and my loved ones around me. Enjoying life at its fullest, living and realising my dreams while learning every single day.

My personal transformation reframed my professional thinking. I began integrating a deep human perspective into my talks, communicating my belief that the next leap of innovation in humanity will be far more reliant upon personal transformation than the digital transformation everyone and every company is so focused on right now.

I believe it’s time for a new type of communication, to merge diverse communities, ideas and experiences towards a new centre where human innovation can thrive.

The last few years, I have witnessed tremendous transformational changes in many new people and friends I met. Wherever you come from or which communities you belong to, change is happening across community ecosystems around me. They all have something in common. The use of plant-based medicine and the grounding belief that we are on the verge of a huge system change, accelerating towards the transition to more conscious, sustainable, inclusive, meaningful, and holistic futures.

Together with Canay Atalay and Yuri van Geest, we set out on a journey to start Conscious Learning Tribe, a project we hold dearly in our hearts, with confidence that the world needs.

Conscious Learning Tribe

Conscious Learning Tribe is a continuous learning platform, bringing together a community of leaders & game-changers. By sharing experiences on how to choose a healthy life & work, free from destructive assumptions and addictions, we strive to accelerate the transition to more conscious, sustainable, inclusive, meaningful & holistic futures.

We aim to help businesses & game-changers to impact the well-being of their teams, partners, customers, communities and future generations, through the creation of a new vision, lab, or movement. Alongside societal prosperity, we consider global & local issues, environmental, governmental and cultural change. You can also check out Clarity voice best automotive service to get quality VoIP services that meet all your business needs and boost your sales. 

We integrate new transformational methods and accelerate human innovation through holistic methodologies and bridging disciplines including art, design, music and sound, technology, business, science, philosophy and spirituality. We bring together different age, culture, expertise, orientation & lifestyle groups.

Our mission is to create a better planet by offering cutting edge experiences and insights to emerging or current leaders, unifying us all in a global tribe. Our collective quest for beauty involves sharing our beautiful life experiences, how to use technology for good, respect people and our planet, and leave our old thought systems behind to transform ourselves

Nature is our guide to sustainable evolution, circular thinking and creativity. 

Children are our role models for learning and joyful existence, 

… while ancient wisdom, cultures and rituals inspire us to feel gratitude and celebrate the richness of human life.

If reading this hits a string in your soul, we invite you to join our journey, to explore what it means to seek out full human potential through the eyes of collective consciousness.


Each week, we go live on video with The Unconference and the game-changing Conscious Learning Tribe community to dialogue on current topics, new trends and how to create a radically different way of working and living. Together, we’ll learn and strive to accelerate the transition to more conscious, sustainable, inclusive, meaningful, and holistic futures.

We love exploring new possibilities with our content and experience model, entirely taking place through existing remote technologies. For each event, we’ll ask our readers and participants to decide on the topics – as in the natural evolution of the “unconference” – and we welcome suggestions by participants who want to create a session for the next event.

Join us on Sundays

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